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Free Downloadable Lensball Photography Video Course - Globalize

Now Free - Download Now - lensball photography video course "Globalize" featuring over 2.5 hours of specialist lensball training by a pro photographer!  

We are excited to now offer "Globalize" due to heavy customer demand all directly accessible in minutes as a new free digital download! This is a highly practical course with many demonstrations and all the key knowledge plus more covered. We are providing this free now as we believe the joys of lensball photography and learning should be available to everyone!

You will be given the gems to follow and pitfalls to avoid in this craft. Lensball or Crystal ball photography is becoming increasingly popular, and Simon Bond has eight years experience of background in this space. 

Note, if you are on your mobile it takes about 2-8 minutes depending on your mobile speed so its quite quick.

If you'd like to wait until you get to a PC than simply enter your email address while checking out on your mobile and you'll automatically be sent a link to your email to download it later when on a PC. 


  • Over 2.5 hours of video lessons divided into six easy to use sections.
  • These six modules are – The basics, creative ideas, the floating ball, portraits with the ball, post processing, and still life.
  • Clear demonstrations throughout the course meaning you benefit not only from the verbal coaching but also the visual. 
  • Clear learning outcomes from each of the sections, meaning you can tick off new skills attained and redo modules as needed. 
  • Learn a range of digital editing techniques related to the Lensball such as turning the image inside the Lensball the normal side up (rather than the inverted image created by the refraction effect)
  • Learn how to make and use a lightbox using objects from a craft shop.
  • Learn how to make the crystal lensball appear to be floating. 
  • Much, much more...
  • All free as a digital download. 

A sample snippet of the course including how to flip your Lensball photos as well as advice on how to get great free software and use it for post editing. A lot more of this gold material on the course as listed above this is just a short taste!



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Step 1


Big, high quality, crystal bars are cut up into perfect cubes using diamond cutting blades.

Step 2


The cubes are placed on a heat resistant conveyer belt that runs through an oven, gradually heating them up to a temperature of 1600 °C  (3000 °F). This makes the cubes soft and slightly mouldable.

Step 3


One by one the heated cubes are pressed to their round shape using a big hydraulic mould press.

Step 4


To avoid imperfections and bubbles, the crystal balls are very gradually brought down to room temperature (20 °C  (70 °F)).

Step 5


Multiple polishing steps create a flawless surface. At the end of these steps the balls are perfectly round, but still have a matte white finish.

Step 6


Two disks with a fine polishing surface spin at high speed with the crystal balls in-between. After 40 minutes in this machine, they are completely transparent.

Step 7


Every ball is extensively inspected for imperfections. Only one out of four pass this test, the others get recycled and start again at step one.