Refractique - Lensball Package with US Delivery


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  •  80mm Lensball Vivid is our most popular lensball size we believe the world's best quality! We guarantee our lensballs are as good or better than any in the market - they are carved from crystal, polished and hardened which enables a scratch-free surface enabling years of fun shot-taking with this awesome camera accessory! For us there is nothing better than taking a perfect shot in this case with the target captured like a dream inside the crystal ball.  Our lensballs come from our US warehouse and we believe they are the best quality in the world. Importantly, the ball is very well protected while in transit. 

  • We know about the requirements that photographers expect from their equipment and so we offer a product that is the ultimate in quality.


    • Highest Quality made with K9 Crystal Glass
    • Carved, Hardened and Polished
    • Created by Lead Manufacturers