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Lensball 80mm Vivid

Our 80mm Lensball Vivid Package comes with our flawless, ultra-clear K9 Lensball and a beautiful 1200 GSM rigid box with lensball photography surrounding the package with beautiful UV coated finishing. Also includes a microfiber bag for the polishing and safe-keeping of your lensball, beautiful photo cards and a Top 10 Lensball Photography Tips mini booklet. It is quite simply the most comprehensive and value packed lensball package on the market.

Step 1


Big, high quality, crystal bars are cut up into perfect cubes using diamond cutting blades.

Step 2


The cubes are placed on a heat resistant conveyer belt that runs through an oven, gradually heating them up to a temperature of 1600 °C  (3000 °F). This makes the cubes soft and slightly mouldable.

Step 3


One by one the heated cubes are pressed to their round shape using a big hydraulic mould press.

Step 4


To avoid imperfections and bubbles, the crystal balls are very gradually brought down to room temperature (20 °C  (70 °F)).

Step 5


Multiple polishing steps create a flawless surface. At the end of these steps the balls are perfectly round, but still have a matte white finish.

Step 6


Two disks with a fine polishing surface spin at high speed with the crystal balls in-between. After 40 minutes in this machine, they are completely transparent.

Step 7


Every ball is extensively inspected for imperfections. Only one out of four pass this test, the others get recycled and start again at step one.