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60mm Lensball Mini - The Travel Friendly Lensball 

Weighs just 250grams so great as a travel buddy

The 60mm Lensball Mini weighs only 250 grams so it's the easiest option for traveling long-term and effortlessly gripping while taking shots. However, for the best image we recommend the larger sizes with the Standard 80mm lensball being the most popular among photographers - quite simply it's just easier to get a better shot! 

Quite simply, if you are going to invest in the 60mm lensball don't miss out on buying the 80mm lensball as you will be able to tell the functionality differences and ease of shot-taking. 

We now deliver the 60mm and 80mm Lensball from the US resulting in quicker turnaround times of just 2-4 days with USPS Priority and FREE delivery. International orders take just 6-12 days with DHL International and have a flat postage rate.  

Lensballs will breathe new life into your photography range you'll have fun experimenting with your photography with refraction and seeing things from a very different perspective! 
Grab your 60mm lenball today, we include fast and free delivery to the US!