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Refractique (frm Lensball World) Photography Innovation & Excellence Scholarship 

Available for: various study levels, both in the US and Australia (undergraduate level or postgraduate level) 
Eligibility: studying an Arts Degree (or relevant photography course), if unsure please contact us at
Value: $2000 (occurs on a twice yearly basis with a $1000 per scholarship eligible) 
Closing Dates for submissions: 30 Jan and 30 June of each year

How to apply

Prepare a refraction photography submission over dropbox (or similar medium to ensure files can be shared easily) and send to 

The submission must be for a minimum of 24 photos, with a maximum of 50 photos. You are also write a minimum of 750 words to describe the photos, what they mean to you and what kind of photographic techniques you used to obtain the results/outcome in the photos. You may also like to write more generically about refraction photography - what are the benefits, how to take great photos and how you use refraction accessories including the lensball. The judge will award the scholarships based on the standard of the photos as well as the written text. 

We proudly support the local community with two college/university scholarships provided on a yearly basis.

To find out more about the program email us at