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What quality can I expect? 

Product quality is our top priority. We also deliver very quickly compared to other specialist providers that usually ship out of China with long wait times! We are US based. 

We know about the requirements that photographers expect from their equipment and so we offer a lensball product that is ultimate in quality. We source our lensballs from experienced and well selected suppliers who have manufactured 1000s of these consistently. We have a partnership with one of the lead manufacturers in carving, polishing and hardening processing that is second to none in its industry. 

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What is the Lensball best used for? 

While you can use the lensball for usual types of photography such as taking a photo of family and friends refraction photography (which lensball creates!) is particularly well suited to landscapes and scenery. Some examples are shown on the site - beaches, the horizon, rainforest, farmland and other outdoor scenes are particularly successful. Taking photos where reflective surfaces such as water are also involved are particularly fascinating as the otherwise inverted image will face up again while the rest of the image can be inverted. People have done all sorts of funky things with the lensball so be creative and most importantly try out your lensball in as many types of spaces as possible! 

What are your shipping timeframes? 

We offer free and fast shipping in the US with local US delivery in 2-4 days. Refer to our shipping information. 

Can I make returns? 

Refer to our returns policy for more information.