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Lensball Refraction Photography

Refraction Photography helps capture stunning dream-like imagery. Refraction happens when light passes through an object of denser mass, such as water or glass or in this case the crystal of the lensball. When this occurs, light is bent, and there is a distortion creating stunning inverted imagery inside the ball. The combination with the background is also very interesting. 

Our Lensballs are the best in market - carved from quality crystal, polished and hardened so that you will enjoy a lensball that will deliver years of fun photography adventures and travel. 

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Perfect Lensball - I love what this beautiful object can do. Came fast to the UK via DHL International.

1 Nov

Awesome! This lensball was ultra clear and the best I've seen compared to other inferior products I've seen. They also deliver from the US so its fast and free.

15 Oct 2017

Free and fast US Shipping with a really awesome quality product.

I'm so happy about my new lensball - it adds another element to my photography

2 Oct 2017